Narcizo Backstage Mask Carbon Black

Backstage Mask

Our protection mask is designed to be fitted on your face, yet feel comfortable. The goal was to achieve as little inward leakage as possible, keeping in mind to provide you with proper breathing, in addition to being adequately closed. It consists of three layers, going from the outside inwards: micro-peach, interlining and a softer cotton inside to keep your skin from rubbing out.

But why such protection for competitors?
 Well, the current pandemic has brought new measures in addressing our everyday conduct. Let’s suppose there are crowds amassed in the backstage during a contest, so the possibility of infection is also high. There comes our backstage mask to the scene that you can wear in the backstage to protect yourself and prevent infection until the very moment you step on the stage.

You can wear it even for a longer time without feeling uncomfortable. Moreover, it covers your face as properly as possible, both below and above.
Each face and nose has a different shape, so we’ve left an extra-long adjustment strip on top, so you cannot only adjust it to your nose, but also follow your face shape. We’ve also put a rubber line on the bottom of the mask and threaded the bottom section of the strap into an adjuster, so you can pull it as tight as you can to reduce the amount of leakage the most possible. For many cheaper masks, we have observed that the rubber slides down the neck, so it loses its bottom hold and air passes through the chin. An important comfort aspect was that the rubber we used be soft. Also, to fix it on your head, not behind your ears.