Bodybuilding Posing Trunks

The BLACK BASIC is our black posing trunk which is a part of our basic collection. The material is beautifully shiny, but does not glitter at the stage spotlights as the ones with hologram.

The V-cut is a trend in America since years, so we are proud to introduce it in Europe. Its advantage is that it has an even more significant V-shape in the back poses moreover it optically improves the overall body proportion for competitors with a smaller glutes.

The frontline has an aesthetical push-up, and the backline includes an anti-slip silicone pads which prevent the pants from moving during the poses.

The side strap is 2 cm wide, so it is suitable for all federations.


The front strap of the trunks advised to be placed on the so-called "Adonis belt", which extends through the external abdominal oblique muscle, around the V-shaped lumbar section in order to achieve a more proportionate impression.

Many bodybuilders do not pay attention for this, and compete with the straps slid down to their hip-bone, which optically shortens the legs and shows the mid-section longer.


Size table

size table