GREEN HOLOGRAM (Straight-cut)

Bodybuilding Posing Trunks

The GREEN HOLOGRAM is our green posing trunk which is a part of our hologram collection. The material is glittery in the spotlights, so with the tanned body you will have the chance to amaze the audition.

The frontline has an aesthetic push-up, and the backline includes an anti-slip silicone pads which prevent the pants from moving during the poses.

The straight-cut is the most popular type amongst the bodybuilders, it has been always fashionable and well-known as well as back to the golden years likewise nowadays. You can’t go wrong with this choice!

The side strap is 2 cm wide, so it is suitable for all federations.

The front strap of the trunks advised to be placed on the so-called "Adonis belt", which extends through the external abdominal oblique muscle, around the V-shaped lumbar section in order to achieve a more proportionate impression.

Many bodybuilders do not pay attention for this, and compete with the straps slid down to their hip-bone, which optically shortens the legs and shows the mid-section longer.

€40.00 €30.00

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size table