Men's Physique Shorts

Tricecream is the tricolor of the typical "icecream colors"! The darker blue, purple, and pink transition shapes a perfect tricolor match, so by this model the name of our Ice Cream Collection 2020  was born!

The special cut and the black waistband makes the waist look slimmer, the side part highlights the sweep of your thighs and the hind part puts some more focus on your glutes.

The exclusive embroidered logo is decorated with Swarovski crystal, just like the pair of branded, engraved metal cover of the strings.

The transition of the colors do not separate optically the body - perfectly harmonizes with the tanned body.

Would you like to make it more unique?
Take it with some extra Swarovski crystals to be more noticeable!

Crystal tip:
Try decorating with the Sapphire (50 pieces), Blue Zircon (50 pieces) and Fuchsia (50 pieces) crystals.

€89.00 €44.50

Choosen crystals:


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size table
size table