Refund & Exchange Policy


Refunds may be withheld by the Company until it has received the product(s).

Company does not accept tracking link, delivery receipt and any other document but the physically delivered product that has been returned to the given address.

The Company will refund the price of the customer’s order, excluding the shipping cost, within 10 business days from the day after the return.

For instance: If the products has been returned to the company address on Monday, Company has 7 days to fulfill its obligation, so next Monday (until 5PM) will be the latest when the company has to refund the customer.

If the customer returns the product(s) from outside the European Union, the amount of refund will be reduced with the cost of customs clearance for which the Company pays for obtaining the products.

If the customer was not aware of the customs clearance fee and he or she is not intending to pay for it to obtain the ordered product(s) therefore he or she wants to withdraw/cancel the order, the customer will not be refunded and cannot demand any compensation from the Company.

Customer has to place the original invoice in the return package otherwise the company will not be able to issue the refund.
In case of withdrawal from the purchased product at the time of its delivery and dispatch, the shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.


Always take into consideration that your body will change as the competition getting closer in time. Your stage weight, sizes may change even 2 sizes(for instance: from Large to Small!) depending on your
off-season shape and how much weight you are loosing during your contest preparation.

In case of exchange intention by the customer in writing, it is sufficient to send an exchange statement in email within 14 days after the product has been delivered to the customer.

Returning the products is the customer’s responsibility. The cost of returning must be covered by the customer, and the Company(Narcizo Apparel Kft.) has not undertaken to bear this cost.

Customer can return the product(s) to the Company by either post or via a courier service. Company prefers DHL or Fedex.

Returning for the reason of exchange(for instance size issue) the product is not the customer’s legal right in case of not pre-produced product, which was made according to the instructions of the customer or according to the wish of the customer (for instance: Short with chosen added crystals) or in case of Bodybuilding trunks, Classic Physique Shorts and Facemask because of hygienic reasons.

Company believes that every necessary information is provided through their size chart - which can be found in the webshop - that educates the customers how they need to measure themselves for making the right decision in terms of choosing the size which fits the most for them.

Therefore the company will not cover any additional shipping cost for the exchange product if the reason for exchange is a size issue.

For Exchange customer has to make the following steps:

- Write an exchange statement in email within 14 days of the delivery.
- Return the product(s) to the address of the company.

Address for Returning:
Narcizo Apparel Kft. Hungary
Budapest 1131

Reitter Ferenc u. 166. 2nd floor

- Pay an additional shipping fee for the delivery of the exchange product.

Customer has to place his/her name and the nr of the order in the Reference.

- If the returned product has been delivered and the additional shipping fee has been paid by the customer, the company will send the exchange product in 2 days.