Our Mission

Our Ars poetic in other words why did we start going into the competition clothing business?

A brand from real athletes, for you: athletes…

We felt that the time has come to create something, something, which no one has thought of. At least not with this much of enthusiasm, patience and with the attitude of perfection.

Our history started with Men's Physique shorts, because we have found here the biggest opportunity to combine the extravagant outfit, the design necessary for presentation to the physique of the category and the forms.

We didn’t find it right, that the athletes of such a popular category like Men's Physique have to be forced to the use of another sport’s clothes, and to show their physique in the broad shorts of surfers on stage.

Because how would it be possible to play football in tennis shoes? Or maybe to swim with helmets on? And to present your physique in board shorts for surfers?

What are nowadays on the market to be found? The markets are overflooded by massive mass of asymmetric, disadvantageous products, and products with monotone color design scheme, tasteless combination of color, hard waist, the excessive name or logo of the manufacturer, or a pocket with a zip.
Recently, all the competitors of body building have to face with the problem, trying to find a proper product for competitions. So it has convinced us to create the world’s first Men's Physique brand: the Narcizo, which will be the very best solution of Your out mentioned, well known problems.

We will strive to provide you with the possibly best choices of designs and color possibilities – so that everyone will find the best stage shorts among our collection for him- or herself for sure.

The Narcizo offers now a modern alternative for several men categories, for the proper presentation of the bodybuilding sport’s physique. We gave some serious thoughts not just to think this small segment of clothing over, but to create and dictate a new trend. We want a revolution. It is our mission!

The time of broad shorts is over.

Read with love, humor and some self-justification our “creed” about narcissistic behavior typical of all of us as a token of our tribute to all our fellow athletes engaging in weight training regardless of category.

In pursuit of excellence…

"They say you are a narcissist.

Really? Show us just one man who goes by a mirror without ever taking a look at himself. And show us just one man who is perfectly satisfied with what he sees in the mirror….

They judge you.

Whereas the only difference between you and them is that you are not only bothered by your dissatisfaction with yourself but also able to do something to change it. You are not daunted by having to work hard and live and work day by day to see in the mirror what you have imagined and dreamed of.

You want to be the best.

You seek excellence.

They say you are a narcissist.

Really? Show us just one man who would not like to look like you and does not envy your muscles. And show us just one man who is willing to make a sacrifice and spare no effort in order to look like you…

When they look at you they only see the end result.

When you look into the mirror you see the long way that has led you here. You are the only one who knows how much work you have done to get here.

They say you are a narcissist.

Whereas what you like most is not your body and what you are most proud of is not your muscles but what you have got inside: perseverance, willpower and dedication.

A mirror does not only give a judgement about your looks, but it also shows what kind of person you are.

And a mirror never tells a lie.

So, you should be proud that it shows your effort to be the best and achieve excellence."

We wish success to all of you.

The dreamers of the brand,
David Abraham & Gary Bognar